Questions and Answers
Regarding the first cougar photos captured in Manitoba:

Q: I was wondering if anyone else noticed the presense of what appear to be nipples in the photo where the cat has it's head lowered. If that is in fact the case, could it even be a male or could that indicate a bred female? Just curious what your thought on that is. I am very interested to know what you think.  Thanks - Jessica

A: According to Manitoba Conservation experts, many thought at first that the nipple was a sign of a female who could have kittens.  However, under higher magnification, the nipple turned out to be a seed head on a stalk of some grass beside the cat.  Manitoba Conservation said the cat in the picture is probably a male, but they cannot tell for certain.
I hope this helps in answering your question. --Joanne
Winnipeg Free Press: Jan. 9th, 2007: Photo-Cougar near Duck Mountain Prov. Park in Manitoba