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COUGARS CAUSING CONERN IN MORDEN - Insert from internet (Global): June 17, 2010

"Tuesday morning, it happened again, a cougar was spotted near the Minnewasta Elementary School in Morden.  Police ordered the kids to stay inside.  More than half a dozen sightings have been reported in the last 2 weeks." - Insert from internet (Global). 

July 8th, 2009 - I live 3 miles East of Beausejour along the Brokenhead River.  One of my neighbours this morning said she had seen a small cougar in her yard last night.

July 26th, 2009 - We have tree scratches in our yard, which we think might be cougar scratches.  They are narrow, deep, and up to 52 inches above the ground, on a poplar.  We live between Oakbank and Beausejour.

July 28th, 2009 - These are two horses that were attacked by cat or bear.  CO's can't be sure, I live 3 miles North of Tyndall, MB.
STORY & SIGHTINGS by Loreen Bardarson, Glenboro, Mb.

On June15 and June 30, 1999, on NW25-5-14W, approximately 20km south of Glenboro, I was riding my tractor in a clearing between the wooded areas, when a cougar crossed the clearing 100 yards from me. I saw him/her very clearly. I was on my tractor the second time also, when the cougar crossed the clearing 100 yards from me and ran off into the alfalfa field. My area is in Tiger Hills, a hilly wooded area with small lakes and pasture clearings. Both sightings were about 2:00pm.
     He was reddish-brown, very sleek and smooth all over, and actually very beautiful. It was a huge cat, over 4 feet long, not including the tail.
      I did not contact any authorities. I had reported cougar problems back in the 1980s. The Game Warden at that time said there was little they could do, but to warn me to be careful. I didn't think anyone could do anything this time either, so I didn't bother to report it.
     In the 1980's, I had cattle frightened in the corral so badly, they broke through panels. Noone could get them to go back into that corral. Around the same time, I went to check my cattle in the barnyard around 7:00pm one evening, and a cougar started screaming.It screamed so loudly, I just froze. Then I slowly backed up until I got back safely into the house. I didn't see the cougar that time, just heard his screaming.
     My neighbour, Glen and Ron Paddock raised goats and sheep in the 1980s. He lost one goat a day until they had no goats left except the big male Billy, who could likely defend himself with his horns.However, the sheep were never taken. Wolves like sheep, but cougars do not.
    When the game warden came, he found a deer killed close to my barnyard. There were coyote tracks in a circle about 15 feet from the left-over kill, but not one coyote approached the meat. The game warden said he could not confirm the deer was killed by a cougar, but it was a sign of a cougar kill when other animals won't touch the meat.
    Later, I learned that someone( now deceased) had encountered the cougar twice when checking his cattle, so he shot and killed the cougar. I cannot confirm this.
    Cougars have never attacked a human around here that I know of, but we believe they have taken small livestock such as goats and calves. --LB

Around Midnight on Saturday, June 7, 2008, we heard our two dogs barking unusually loud.  My daughter had her window open, and heard an unusual sound coming from outside. I went over to the window, and thinking it was going to be the Coyotes that are often around at night, I heard a very loud shrill sound similar to a woman crying in pain.  I immediately thought, “that is no coyote”.  I right away thought of a cougar. I called my husband we turned on the outdoor lights.  We heard the sound again which seemed very close to the house.  The dogs (large) were still barking and noticeably upset.  They wouldn’t venture out far from the house (which is unusual for them).  We pulled the dogs into the house and my husband went walking around the yard with a light.  The sound stopped immediately.  He drover around in his truck, but saw nothing. Since we had recently had a lot of rain, I figured that it may be easy to see foot prints, if it had been some kind of animal. Sure enough, we found several foot prints.  One footprint was right in the mud, and you could even see how long one of his claws were.  We took pictures of this footprint, which I will forward by e-mail at a later date.  These prints were double the size of our dogs footprints.  The cougar probably came within 50 feet of the house.
Debbie Nordal
SE 36-22-2E
Arborg, Manitoba
Joanne Hutlet